Oak Stair Baserails

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Our Oak Baserails feature a simple yet attractive design. The Oak Baserails are manufactured using White Oak and have a 41mm Groove for use with our 41mm Oak Spindles.

The rails are supplied with fillet strips which are installed between your Oak Spindles to fill any gap and finish your staircase.

Our oak Baserails are made of engineered solid white oak .

When measuring your staircase for hand rails and base rails always make sure you over measure by at least 50mm to give yourself enough rail to make the angle cuts to meet the pitch of the staircase.

Our Oak Baserails should be fitted to the string of your stairs using a combination of woodworking glue and screws. We recommend using number 8 woodworking screws spaced no greater than 400mm apart in order to ensure a secure fix. Drill a pilot hole through your baserail and into the top of your staircase string or landing floorboard, and then screw your baserail to your staircase string or landing floor making sure the head of the screw is countersunck and not sitting proud. Any screw heads will be covered with spindles or the fillet strip. The string is the solid wood side of your staircase and the baserail should sit dead centre.


  • 1800mm x 32mm x 62mm
  • 2400mm x 32mm x 62mm
  • 3600mm x 32mm x 62mm
  • 4200mm x 32mm x 62mm

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