The staircase is often one area that receives a lot of attention due to being used to move between floors, but also because of the immense design statement it makes. As we all know that first impressions are incredibly important, and your staircase reveals a lot about your entire home. Figures show that guests will make an overall impression of a home based on how they judge your staircase!

Most people are put off from refurbishing their staircases because, no matter what the look, it remains functional and other areas in the home tend to take priority. In this guide, we will show you that you do not have to break the bank to refurbish your oak staircase. The staircase makeover ideas that we suggest are budget-friendly but can also make a huge difference to the overall style of your home. This way you can also improve the general functionality of the staircase and ensure that it remains in the best condition too!

This guide will mainly focus on minor improvements that focus on the design of the staircase rather than the function. If you have an old staircase that is showing serious signs of wear or was constructed before modern building regulations, then we recommend contacting a professional. They will be able to make a good judgment on what steps to take to get your staircase back to its best condition.

However, if your staircase is generally good in terms of functionality, then there are some simple steps that you can take to add the wow factor to your home on a budget. One of your considerations will be whether you can do these yourself or if you require the help of a professional. DIY staircase makeover can be a lot cheaper, but it is important to take into account the time and skill required. We recommended that you obtain quotes from a variety of different staircase companies to see whether it would be worth the additional cost. A DIY staircase makeover tutorial is not always the best solution.


  1. Spindle Replacement

When your oak staircase is still functional but looks a little old and outdated, you can choose to replace the banister and the spindles instead of the entire structure.  Replacing the balustrade will completely change the staircase design and will save you from spending a fortune on new stairs!

Before starting to remodel your banister, you should think about some of these factors...

  • It is important to decide whether you want to keep the traditional look of the staircase or you aim towards a modern design.
  • The banister’s design should also discourage any children to climb on it!
  • Replacing the old banister with a glass balustrade will not only add something exquisite to your interior design but will also enlighten your home.
  • Or, another option would be to use metallic banisters. The black metal spindles look great on white painted oak staircases!

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  1. Handrail Replacement

The DIY stair railing makeover is one of the easiest projects when it comes to staircases renovations. Of course, you can choose professional assistance but why not save some money and do it yourself?

Usually, the handrail is one of the most resistant stair parts since it is built to last for safety reasons. The decision to replace it is usually related to design considerations and can be done with a small budget. Sometimes you don’t even need to purchase a new handrail, just give a new look to the existing one by painting it or changing the orientation of the posts.

You can purchase handrails in a various range of colours and designs, which are usually customisable; this allows you to find the perfect fit for your home and will modernise an old honey oak staircase.

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  1. Carpeting

One thing that visitors immediately notice in your home is the carpeting. The floor of all staircases represents an important visual aspect. An old carpet can make staircases look worn. There are an immense amount of carpeting styles and designs on the market currently so make sure to take your time to find the right one for you and your beautiful home.

Adding a staircase runner is also a good idea and this is something you can do yourself as a DIY project. Any seagrass stair runner tutorial will show you how to install a rug runner quick and easy and are simple to find on the internet.

Fitting a new carpet runner can be done on a budget, but costs can go up depending on the style and how easy the installation is. Our advice is to invest in a high-quality carpet as it will not only change the look of the staircase but will also offer protection against the heavy traffic it will face on a daily basis.


  1. Fresh Paintjob

If you already own a painted oak staircase, you might need to consider the painted staircase makeover. A fresh lick of paint can sometimes be enough to breathe new life into a staircase. It is easy to paint all sections of the staircase including handrails, spindles, newel posts, treads, and risers.

Consider first to remove existing paint, varnish, and oils by using grit sandpaper. All stair makeover ideas will show you a variety of colour options for your home. One bold option would be to use contrasting colours such as black and white but there are plenty of ideas available for you to choose from if you’re not quite sure what you want.

It is surprising how powerful a lick of high-quality paint can be in giving your staircase a makeover and making it look modern again. Painting treads is also an option if you get rid of your old honey oak staircase. The orange finish of the honey oak rarely fits into modern homes' designs these days. Paint it is an inexpensive and stress-free way to breathe some new life into your staircase without breaking the bank!


  1. Stair Cladding

Wood stair treads and risers can succumb to wear which can ruin the appearance of staircases. An increasingly popular modern option is stair cladding. These innovative solutions allow you to dramatically change the look of your staircase without needing to start completely from scratch. You can change the aspect of your honey oak staircase by choosing hardwood stair treads to match your hardwood floors. Perhaps your old staircase has a wood stain? Nothing to worry about! The solution is to use oak stair cladding kits which are easily available on the market.

There are a range of options available to suit many staircase styles and types of flooring. It can be a more expensive staircase renovation solution, but it is still far cheaper than the cost of a whole new staircase. It is a recommended option for homeowners who want a drastic change to their staircase!

As with all of our advice we have given so far on renovating staircases, you once again need to make sure you have the skills required to complete the look yourself. If you don’t feel confident then we always suggest to ask for a professional quote. That way you don’t risk turning your dream staircase into a nightmare.

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[caption id="attachment_7" align="aligncenter" width="850"]A lifestyle image of an oak staircase, particularly the Oak Stair Klad range that you can buy directly from us here on our website. Renovating your oak staircase does not need to be complicated.[/caption]


  1. Revamping the Space Under the Stairs

Usually, when we talk about staircase renovation, we tend to forget about the space under the stairs. Why not turn this into a DIY project to change the aspect of the whole staircase completely?

There are many ideas on how to use the space under your staircase. From storage to a cosy home office, you have many options to choose from and a project like this can be very exciting to add an extra dimension to your home. Although it means adding more items to your renovation list, it is definitely worth the efforts for the outcome. Your oak staircase will look amazing and, as a plus, you gain extra space.



How Much Does It Cost To Replace an Oak Staircase?

This will depend on what needs replacing. If you’re after a total revamp, we recommend one of our Oak Stair Refurbishment Kits that start from £475.00.

What Is the Best Flooring To Put on Oak Stairs?

Depending on several factors such as the existing flooring in the dining room area, house design, and your budget, you may choose wooden cladding, polished wood, painted treads, stair runners, or carpet.

Top tip: Covering a honey oak staircase with white oak cladding is the new modern trend.

How Do You Protect Oak Stairs? 

Your oak staircase will only keep its good looks if you take some simple precautionary measures. Protecting the staircase surface by carpeting, applying varnish or oil, or painting, will keep the stairs beauty for a long time. By avoiding shoe damage and always keeping it clean will help in this process.

What Can I Use To Cover the Stairs?

The best way to protect your oak staircase is to cover it. You can use carpets, stair runners, or cover the stairs with other materials such as laminate, hardwood or bamboo. Top Tip - Eco-friendly cork looks great on a honey oak staircase. We suggest that it is always best to over the stairs, no matter what!



Refurbishing a staircase can seem like a daunting task; however, this guide has proven that you do not necessarily need a DIY background to renovate your tired looking wood stairs. Additionally, it does not require significant funds as long as you make smart purchasing decisions. Hopefully, this article has given you the inspiration to renovate and refurbish the staircase that you have been putting off for years.